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It’s your big day and you’re busy just breathing normally. You’ve entrusted everything important to the wedding planner you hired or… the one you share the same parents with. Either way, it’s all coming together, except… You’re getting kind of hungry and– wait a minute! What are you going to feed the guests? Ok, let’s stop right there. You get the point, right? Food is an important element of the wedding day, it’s kind of what everyone looks forward to by the end of the wedding, and any event for that matter. So why take the risk? This article delves into why wedding catering is so important, and why you should hire Mr. Smooth for wedding catering in Halifax.

What Does a Wedding Caterer Even Do?

Here’s the thing, you wouldn’t hire a photographer to do a videographer’s job. And you wouldn’t hire a makeup artist to do a hair stylist’s job either. So does it make sense to bring in someone who isn’t specialized in making food for your wedding? It’s as simple as that. But the flavors you and your guests will enjoy will not be so simple. When you hire a caterer like Mr.Smooth, you get gourmet food, your way. Mr.Smooth should be your number one pick when it comes to wedding catering in Halifax. Their custom menu is flexible to fit your needs and taste, but it doesn’t stop at the food. Whether you want it served to the table, picked up at the window, grilled under a tent, or set up buffet style. Mr.Smooth meets all your needs seamlessly and… smoothly.

Once In A Lifetime

Sure people get married, divorced, and remarried. But the right marriage only happens once in a lifetime. It only needs to happen right one time, for you to never need to do it again. It’s why we hire photographers and videographers, event coordinators, and most importantly, wedding catering. Because the food can make up for everything else being bad. Or, it can make everything great, that much greater.


Mr. Smooth does not cater to your palette, but also your wallet as well. Their pricing is based on how many people you intend on having, not a headcount of who attends. In addition to that, they only charge $1.65 per km of travel. However, they don’t charge for travel for wedding catering in Halifax. So you can rest assured that filling up your stomach won’t come with the price of an empty wallet.


Usually, people’s memories of a wedding always include the food. Not only that, they usually mention whether the food was great or not. It really is an integral part of the experience. So I ask you, why leave it up to chance? Why not leave it up to Mr. Smooth to elevate the experience of your wedding to one where people wished they could go back and relive? 

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