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New Scotland. Land of the new… Scotts? Either way, since its beginning it’s been shaped constantly by new arrivals. From long ago to the current present, Nova Scotia has had a diverse range of cultural inhabitants. And with new cultures, comes delicious cultural dishes that you’ve never experienced before. Enter: Food Trucks. The incredible thing about food trucks is that it allows those who are passionate about cooking to scale up their impact from what was limited to the confines of a restaurant. Now, Food trucks allow people to cater to weddings, events, gatherings, or passerbys on the street. Do you see where I’m going with this? Halifax has diversity in culture and no shortage of food trucks. A lucky and incredible match that those with tastebuds will truly appreciate.

Where Do I Start?

You might be wondering now, “where do I start with all of this diversity?” We’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks when it comes to Halifax food trucks. We’ve compiled a list so it’s easier to read!

Our Favorite Halifax Food Trucks

#1 – Soul Food – Mr. Smooth

As the name suggests, Mr.Smooth makes smoothies! Very good ones! But what might not be able to tell from the name is that they are a gourmet food truck. They pride themselves on being able to meet the culinary needs of their customers (specifically for venue events such as, but not limited to, weddings, sporting events, and even corporate). As for passersby on the street, they can expect to find gourmet burgers, poutines, and signature chicken wings. Let’s not forget their local Nova Scotia seafood.

#2 – Indian – Abhi’s Curry N More

Your one-stop shop for authentic Indian food. We’re all familiar with butter chicken, and chicken tikka masala. But there are some things on the menu that you may not have heard of and will be sure to love like: tandoori soya chaap, chicken biryani, chicken vindaloo, and so much more. Abhi’s Curry N More also has authentic Indian dessert that perfectly carries through the authentic Indian experience.

#3 – Sweet Tooth – Jolly Rancher Slush Factory

Have you ever gone through a bag of jolly ranchers? We all have! Have you ever been able to buy a bag with just one flavour? Now that’s hard to come by. Jolly Rancher Slush Factory brings a perfect, cold, refreshing solution to this. A slushy of your favourite jolly rancher flavour. Can you think of a better friend to have during the beautiful Halifax summers?

#4 – Pastries  – Roll on two

Roll on Two is a food truck that specializes in chimney cakes. The Hungarian pastry has won the hearts of many all over the world. So needless to say, we’re sure Roll on Two will win your hearts here in Halifax.

#5 – Cakes – Sweet Ideas

Ever heard of cheesecake on a stick? Ever heard of two cheesecakes on a stick? Well, that’s the minimum you’re going to get once you see the amazing selection of artisan cheesecakes made by Irina and Sagy Gaevsky. This Halifax food truck is special because it’s run by a professional pastry chef with over 10 years of experience. It’s a delicacy to say the least!

#6 – Popcorn – Millers Gourmet

We love Millers Gourmet popcorn, and not just because they are delicious. But because they offer convenience based solutions for your popcorn fix! Not only do they have a variety of popcorn flavours, but they can cook their kettle corn on-site or offer a packaged solution for your event!  

#7 – Ice Cream – The Purple People Feeder

The Purple People Feeder is one you’ll remember! Think of all of your favourite food truck go-to menu items. Now, imagine them fused with a traditional Belgian waffle. Sandwiches, desserts, and even ice cream sundaes. All with waffles. Need I say more?

Ready, Set, Eat!

This is one scenario where we strongly recommend you don’t take our word for it and to put your detective hat on. These claims need tasting– I mean testing. Your community needs you to test these food trucks in Halifax and check if they are amazing as we say!

If you liked this content and need catering for your next event please click here & contact Mr. Smooth today!

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